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Here are some recent sketches and highlights from my instagram feed! If you don't follow me you can do so from Enjoy!

Loco Tech







Bonus 3D blockout for a painting I am working on!



SWAN model

I posted a sketch of this ship a long while ago and recently decided to take it up again. I'm thinking this is like a high speed x-plane, using lifting body aerodynamics with a hull designed to channel air into a giant compressor-ram-jet-engine (the cylinders in the center) to achieve high altitude and maybe orbit, it'd be like a SSTO. Trying not to overwhelm myself with making everything super practical but it didn't have much going for it before besides being a cool looking vehicle and that only gets you so far. I'm starting with a 3D model to paint over which is pretty standard but I'm actually trying to make the geometry more solid then I normally do. Working in Maya so far and will probably take this guy farther, it'd be cool to try and get it 3D printed eventually! This is my first post in a long time, life has been very interesting, especially lately! I've been staying busy!




Things I’ve Been Doing

Haven't posted in a while! I've been busy lately! I've gotten some new clients recently; S2 games, working on Heroes of Newerth and I'm proud to say Perihelion Interactive, working on The Mandate! I'll be posting whatever I can from those two when I can! In the meantime, here is a spaceship I've been modeling in sketchup and the silhouettes leading up to it.Battlesilhouetees



Spit Paints!

Hey Guys, if you're not following me on facebook than you've probably missed these 30 minute speedpaintings I created for the Spit Paint group there. I love the chance to work on sci-fi and these have been a perfect break from client work lately. Thanks for looking!Spit_Shuttlespit_sunchariotDyingSun_SpitSpit Paint


Outer Space Search & Rescue (WIP)

Here is a work in progress of a character I'm designing. She's an outer space search and rescue officer. Her suit has to perform many functions like protecting her from the harsh space environment as well as the dangers of any ship or space station she has to navigate through. Her helmet is free moving unlike the traditional astronaut helmet and includes some improved features of fire-fighter's helmets like an illuminated name plate. Next is color and some minor refinements!


LAZRA (in progress)








This ship was created out of the exercise below, though it's silhouette isn't shown. I didn't want to create another space fighter, but something more like a shuttle. The silhouettes are a good starting point because they suggest something concrete without needing a commitment to detail from you. Later I start to cut out and into the shape with the eraser tool and put it into rough iso perspective. This is a fun stage because I'm interpreting the silhouette; the little protrusions might become wings and with a little experimentation they might be flat or straight up, etc. Here I didn't do so much of that, but I did add a large shape over the thrusters and I decided the back wings should be angled down as I went along. I like to start with a cloudy idea in my head, otherwise I spend too much time on details I like and fitting the ship to them, rather than incorporating them later. :/


Spaceship Silhouettes

space ship silhouettes










These are a couple silhouettes for a spaceship trade on deviantart. I didn't have a specific direction, just a couple ideas floating around. You might see some inspiration from Axelay and Robotech.