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In the Trenches, Episode 1: Networking

Hello everyone! I'm really excited to announce a project Dylan PierpontGrant Griffin, and I have been working on to give back to the amazing art community! We want to share our perspective of what its been like trying to break into the industry and hopefully spare some frustration for those in the same position! Check out the video below and be sure to follow the blog for more interviews and talks, Thanks for looking!


Business Time

Whew, I've been busy lately, and you know it's serious because thats the first time I've used bold font on my blog. Anyways, I just got a bunch of business cards and postcards for my grad show in December. The grad exhibition itself opens 5pm Friday, December 9th and I graduate on the 17th for anyone who's interested, but I'll post more about that later. I can't say enough about these business cards, they're sturdy and confident, like a good handshake. I highly suggest printing through MOO if you need business cards, etc. I tried a 10 card sample pack and ordered 50 business cards and 20 postcards soon after! Maybe you'll end up with one in your wallet soon?

Business Cards

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