Zachary Madere Concept Art & Illustration


SWAN model

I posted a sketch of this ship a long while ago and recently decided to take it up again. I'm thinking this is like a high speed x-plane, using lifting body aerodynamics with a hull designed to channel air into a giant compressor-ram-jet-engine (the cylinders in the center) to achieve high altitude and maybe orbit, it'd be like a SSTO. Trying not to overwhelm myself with making everything super practical but it didn't have much going for it before besides being a cool looking vehicle and that only gets you so far. I'm starting with a 3D model to paint over which is pretty standard but I'm actually trying to make the geometry more solid then I normally do. Working in Maya so far and will probably take this guy farther, it'd be cool to try and get it 3D printed eventually! This is my first post in a long time, life has been very interesting, especially lately! I've been staying busy!




Things I’ve Been Doing

Haven't posted in a while! I've been busy lately! I've gotten some new clients recently; S2 games, working on Heroes of Newerth and I'm proud to say Perihelion Interactive, working on The Mandate! I'll be posting whatever I can from those two when I can! In the meantime, here is a spaceship I've been modeling in sketchup and the silhouettes leading up to it.Battlesilhouetees




Took another pass at the pistol I designed in sketchup a while ago, can you tell I've been looking at the Elysium art book lately? It's a large caliber pistol and the slide is pulled by the flanges near the back.coyote


Three Dimensional

In an effort to increase my value to the artistic community and out of my own curiosity, I have been messing around with some 3D programs. I'm pretty comfortable with sketch-up and I think it's a powerful tool and very easy to get in to. I've been dabbling with modeling in Maya as well but it's funny because I might be the only person who learned how to animate in maya before they learned to model beyond clicking the primitive sphere button. Anyways, here's a little pistol I made as an exercise to see how much I actually knew, might do a paint over of this. Who knows!?




I Want to Work in the Video Game Industry

Our teacher shared this video on our first day of Business Ethics and Copyright, it's hilarious and honest. I wish that little robot the best. Video by youtube user WilliamGibbon.