Zachary Madere Concept Art & Illustration


Mechanical Studies

I've been trying to keep busy with mechanical studies in my free-time. Just for fun to keep the edge rust-free. Not keeping track of time just trying to focus on rendering edges, surface quality, and value and such accurately. Beats playing video games!Shapes


Things I’ve Been Doing

Haven't posted in a while! I've been busy lately! I've gotten some new clients recently; S2 games, working on Heroes of Newerth and I'm proud to say Perihelion Interactive, working on The Mandate! I'll be posting whatever I can from those two when I can! In the meantime, here is a spaceship I've been modeling in sketchup and the silhouettes leading up to it.Battlesilhouetees



Space-Port Tutorial

I created a tutorial for my recent Space Port piece after some friends asked me about the methods I used. Follow this link to deviantart for the tutorial and some links to useful resources. Thanks for looking, I hope it will be useful. I keep lots of iterative images of my work so if there is a lot of interest in this I'd be happy to create more!


Colony Space-port

Space Port


Been working on more environments recently and I want to get some more out there. There are already a whole bunch of really awesome paintings of torus' and O'Neill Cylinders (which I like better, thanks Gundam) from the 70's, but they never show how people might get up there. I like how Elysium showed the food production factories in the lower ring of the torus but Matt Damon decided to fly right into the ring and so we didn't see the space port! I started thinking about exploring more of the space colony environment and the wisps of a story are beginning to coalesce too so perhaps you will see more like this! Anyways, thanks for reading and looking!




Really stoked to show you guys a final version of my collaboration with Dylan Pierpont (He's an amazing artist.) Had way too much fun working on this and I enjoyed seeing a little bit more closely into how my buddy Dylan makes the amazing work he does! I did the character on the left and Dylan's  character is on the right. We also submitted it to Spectrum so wish us luck! Hope you guys enjoy!


Face-to-Face, Back-to-Back

Crit Corner Team Challenge ExampleThis is an image Dylan Pierpont and I completed for our Face-to-Face Challenge on the Crit Corner group on Facebook! You and a friend (or an enemy) can have it out in the arena of art! Prizes too!


2045 Dog HLE

No construction site is complete without the 2045 Dog HLE. This year's model features many improvements over the 2044 model! I had a lot of fun with this, I kind of want to design a full brochure for something like this, with details and cutaways like one of those Star Wars books.HLE-1 Brochure



Took another pass at the pistol I designed in sketchup a while ago, can you tell I've been looking at the Elysium art book lately? It's a large caliber pistol and the slide is pulled by the flanges near the back.coyote


Hull Breach

I wanted to try out some things I saw at the Massive Black workshop a couple weeks ago. I built a 3D base in sketchup with modular segments to create the interior which I'd never done before and I learned a lot in the process! Actually this whole image was a learning process and I'm pretty excited to apply more of what I learned here and at the workshop. Anyways, enjoy!Hull Breach


Spit Paints!

Hey Guys, if you're not following me on facebook than you've probably missed these 30 minute speedpaintings I created for the Spit Paint group there. I love the chance to work on sci-fi and these have been a perfect break from client work lately. Thanks for looking!Spit_Shuttlespit_sunchariotDyingSun_SpitSpit Paint