Zachary Madere Concept Art & Illustration



Here are some recent sketches and highlights from my instagram feed! If you don't follow me you can do so from Enjoy!

Loco Tech







Bonus 3D blockout for a painting I am working on!



Moar Mech Studeez

I just realized I completely forgot to post my study of this helicopter that I did recently so here it is as well as some other sketches of aircraft and tanks done this weekend. Just keeping it simple to try and understand the 2D shapes that go into the designs as per some stuff I was reading in Scott Robertson's How to Draw. I want to do a bunch more of these studies - sketches and paintings - to build up my visual library. Need to do a loottt more!studychopperSketches


Spit Paints!

Hey Guys, if you're not following me on facebook than you've probably missed these 30 minute speedpaintings I created for the Spit Paint group there. I love the chance to work on sci-fi and these have been a perfect break from client work lately. Thanks for looking!Spit_Shuttlespit_sunchariotDyingSun_SpitSpit Paint


Forest Speedpaint

It's pretty obvious I've been busy lately and severely neglecting updating this and I apologize. I've been doing a lot of fantasy painting lately, my skills have been improving, I can't wait to show you guys the work I've been doing. In the meantime here is a little sketch I had some time to do. Enjoy!



Environment Speedsketch

Hey guys its been a busy couple of weeks! My computer was down for a little bit, lets hope that doesn't happen again anytime soon. I've been busy cranking away on client work in the meantime but I set aside some time to crank out this speedy to wind down tonight. Enjoy!



I had a wee bit of time away from client work tonight so I took a sketch from earlier a bit farther to brush up my mecha chops. Kind of just pooped out but it's nice to work on sci-fi stuff for a change. The cockpit is vaguely inspired by the concord and similarly used to give the pilots a better view while in combat.





Mile Hi Criterium

I know, I know. Don't hit any bumps and you'll be just fine.

AH, haven't had the chance to get much personal work done, but the good news is that I'm full-time freelancing! Or that I have been for a couple months now! When did that happen...? Oh my god I hope I don't jinx it... Some robot stilhouettes, inspired by this cool-ass thing, and StTheo on deviantART. Also a sketch for a bike race poster/t-shirt that should be going to print soon!Ro-butts


Arid Environment Sketch

Over on Facebook, The Crit Corner is having a 4-part design challenge. The first assignment is to come up with an "arid" environment from which to derive character, prop, vehicle, creature designs, etc. I imagined a snowy landscape, since places like Antarctica are essentially arid frozen "deserts." Some research is going on to discover what is underneath the thick icy crust of the planet. Is this just a barren frigid world? What answers lie underneath the ice...?Arid Sketch


Sketchy Stuff

Hope you guys are okay with the massive sketch dumps. Someone email me and tell me if it's too much. Or not, we could talk about other stuff too it's whatever.

50's silhouettes

Silhouettes for greaser themed characters.

copter laundry

Something about the laundromat is just so inspiring. Drawn in Park Slope.


Prismacolors :L <3 at a friends house.


Assorted subway riders and robots. Subway robots.


More subway riders. Less robots.


Speed Paintings

I've been trying to do speed painting studies as often as I can, it's great practice, it's been a good confidence builder, and the time limit is perfect for my attention span! Enjoy!