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Here are some recent sketches and highlights from my instagram feed! If you don't follow me you can do so from Enjoy!

Loco Tech







Bonus 3D blockout for a painting I am working on!



SWAN model

I posted a sketch of this ship a long while ago and recently decided to take it up again. I'm thinking this is like a high speed x-plane, using lifting body aerodynamics with a hull designed to channel air into a giant compressor-ram-jet-engine (the cylinders in the center) to achieve high altitude and maybe orbit, it'd be like a SSTO. Trying not to overwhelm myself with making everything super practical but it didn't have much going for it before besides being a cool looking vehicle and that only gets you so far. I'm starting with a 3D model to paint over which is pretty standard but I'm actually trying to make the geometry more solid then I normally do. Working in Maya so far and will probably take this guy farther, it'd be cool to try and get it 3D printed eventually! This is my first post in a long time, life has been very interesting, especially lately! I've been staying busy!




Personal Works!

Some things I've been working on lately for myself. This guy's just for fun, it started as a sketch, I wanted it to feel alien with a tribal flair. I was looking at all sorts of different cultures while designing him.


This is definitely a work in progress but I'd posted the sketch earlier, I plan on finishing this out and perhaps modelling it in sketch up!


Finally, I painted this at Magnuson Park near my house. Don't tell anyone but I posted the wrong version on instagram, the version here has the gouache updates I made. If you aren't following me, its real easy to change that just search for my handle zmadere!


We just recorded another episode of "In the Trenches" and we should have it up soon! I talk more about how things have been going for me and Dylan and Grant check in as well. Thanks for looking!


Studies, Old and New and Updates

Here are some studies I did a while ago that you might not have seen if we aren't friends on the facebook! The F22 was a lot of fun, took a while, but it's nice to bring something to that level of finish every once in a while. Warships were done to give me some perspective when designing ships for The Mandate- there's a lot more function than I realized in the layout of those ships what with firing arcs and silhouette, etc. Next are some WIP's studies I actually started at PAX last weekend! I got to go demo at the Wacom booth and attend the conference for free - a win-win! I'm not sure when they will be finished but I know some people were interested in seeing what I was up to there. There's another episode of In the Trenches in the works too, so stay tuned!

F22Naval Studytankbot2zach2




Turbo Kat

Just wrapped this up! I changed a couple things from the previous post, it felt like the metal was going more toward steel or something gray but I felt it should be something stealthy and black instead. I need some more images to illustrate the VTOL mode but here are my thoughts to how it would work on this design; the the front intakes reverse thrust and angle downwards, the ducts above open up to replace the air feed for the engines, a panel on fuselage opens to provide thrust for the middle engine in the back which angles downward. I tried to stay faithful to the original design and general proportion as well as bring some functionality all around but I couldn't resist adding those claw marks from the show's logo. :) I had a lot of fun with this one and might return to it later, but its time to move on for now!




Hey guys, been prreeetty busy lately but in my spare time I've been working on a redesign of a jet from one of my favorite cartoons ever-SWAT Kats! This is a work in progress, I'm still polishing the illustration but the final image will show off some of the Turbo-Kats radical features like the VTOL capability and its nose cannon. To give a bit more depth in my process, I started with some silhouettes in a program called Alchemy where I was trying to retain the Turbo Kat's shape but give it a more stealthy modern fighter jet look. I sketched its side and front dimensions before going into 3DS Max to model a basic form to paint over. Now I'm just rendering the surface and adding details, later I will make some breakdowns to show how vents open when the Turbo Kat goes into hover mode. Stay tuned!




Moar Mech Studeez

I just realized I completely forgot to post my study of this helicopter that I did recently so here it is as well as some other sketches of aircraft and tanks done this weekend. Just keeping it simple to try and understand the 2D shapes that go into the designs as per some stuff I was reading in Scott Robertson's How to Draw. I want to do a bunch more of these studies - sketches and paintings - to build up my visual library. Need to do a loottt more!studychopperSketches


In the Trenches, Episode 3: Time Management

Hey guys! DylanGrant, and I had Anthony Benedetto and Jayson Miller in the studio for our second episode of In the Trenches. Starting a career in art is no small feat! How does one restructure their life to balance studying and client work with the demands of everyday life? We delve into Anthony's inspiring background and how he did essentially just that to get into art full time. Enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts, critiques, comments, and anecdotes on youtube after the jump!


In the Trenches, Episode 2: Internships

Hello everyone! DylanGrant, and I are back with our second episode of In the Trenches. This time we talk internships with guests Alex Weeks,Crystal Sully, and Jon Baker. Enjoy and please feel free to let us know what you think!


In the Trenches, Episode 1: Networking

Hello everyone! I'm really excited to announce a project Dylan PierpontGrant Griffin, and I have been working on to give back to the amazing art community! We want to share our perspective of what its been like trying to break into the industry and hopefully spare some frustration for those in the same position! Check out the video below and be sure to follow the blog for more interviews and talks, Thanks for looking!